Canon Rebel T6 vs SL2

Both Canon Rebel T6 vs SL2 are among the most popular entry-level DSLR cameras. Canon Rebel T6 is actually an older model that was introduced in early 2016, whereas Canon Rebel SL2 came later into the market in mid 2017. Well, despite the relatively small time gap, there are actually a lot of improvements that come with the newer model.

Below, we will tell you further about:
– The notable features of Canon Rebel T6 and Canon Rebel SL2
– The comparison of their design and handling quality
– Which camera that has better AF performance
– The image quality of Canon Rebel T6 vs SL2
– The comparison of their battery life
– Whether you should choose Canon Rebel T6 or Canon Rebel SL2

Canon Rebel T6: Features
Canon Rebel T6 comes with a similar sensor as its predecessor, an 18MP APS-C one, but the processor has been upgraded a little bit to DIGIC4+. That said, by today’s standards, the DIGIC4+ processor is also a pretty old technology. Canon Rebel T6 also comes with a modest 9-point AF system, and an optical viewfinder with 95% coverage. See also: Panasonic Lumix G7 vs Canon M50

Although the optical viewfinder looks fine, the lack of a full coverage can be a bit annoying at times. Since you won’t be able to see the things in the edges of the frame, unwanted elements may sneak into your shot without you knowing.

The native sensitivity range goes from ISO 100 to ISO 6,400, and is expandable to ISO 12,800. This is pretty good, but some people now consider it limited, as other newer models have come with even wider sensitivity ranges.

While Canon Rebel T6 vs SL2 can’t record 4K videos, they can take excellent Full HD videos. The difference between the two models in this regard is the frame rate. Canon Rebel T6 is limited to 30fps, whereas Canon Rebel SL2 can reach 60fps.

There are fully automatic shooting modes and scene presets, as expected from an entry-level DSLR camera that is aimed at beginners. However, there are also semi-auto and manual modes, as well as the ability to shoot in RAW. So, this camera can already give the basic necessities for professional work.

Canon Rebel T6 is also equipped with a 3-inch LCD screen. With a 920k-dot resolution, the display screen looks very nice. Everything is displayed with decent detail. Unfortunately, this is a fixed display screen without the ability to tilt or flip.

Canon Rebel T6: Design and Handling
Compared to the newer model, Canon Rebel T6 is a little bit bigger. This camera looks and feels pretty much like a typical DSLR camera, with a textured surface on the front grip and the rear thumb rest.

It is nicely contoured, and your fingers will find their natural positions easily. Although Canon Rebel T6 is not really bulky, people with larger hands will find Canon Rebel T6 to be more comfortable to hold than Canon Rebel SL2.

The layout of the rear buttons is very intuitive and easy to understand. If you have ever used a Canon DSLR camera before, Canon Rebel T6 will feel familiar right away.

There is a scrolling dial on the top, located just behind the shutter button. The placement is very nice. You can use it to adjust the shutter speed or aperture quickly. When you are in the manual mode, you can use the same dial to change both settings; simply hold down the exposure compensation button while rotating the dial in order to adjust the aperture.

The next difference between Canon Rebel T6 vs SL2 in regards of control is the touchscreen – Canon Rebel T6 doesn’t have one. All settings and features can only be accessed via physical buttons. Fortunately, the camera has enough quick access buttons to minimize the chores.

Canon Rebel T6: Performance
The 9-point AF system of Canon Rebel T6 only has one cross-type point. It has an AF-assist illuminator, and it has the ability to track moving subjects. Even so, it is still really basic.

The AF system is quite fast in good light. It only slows down a bit in low light. There are a few different AF modes, and switching to the AI Servo AF mode will allow the camera to track moving subjects. It is able to follow slow-moving subjects just fine, such as a person walking across the street, but it will struggle a lot with fast-moving subjects.

Canon Rebel T6 does a good job in delivering accurate exposures. However, it tends to prioritize the active AF point. If the area that you are focusing on is very bright or very dark, the overall exposure can be skewed and you will need to dial some exposure compensation.

The image quality is generally good. JPEGs come out with decent warmth and saturation. You can tweak the tones by using Picture Styles. Meanwhile, RAWs are slightly more subdued and have less contrast, hence allowing you to process them as you see fit.

In the end, though, the image quality of Canon Rebel T6 is still not as good as Canon Rebel SL2. It ‘only’ has 18MP, so it won’t be able to capture large-sized images with as much detail. It also has less dynamic range and color depth. And when choosing between Canon Rebel T6 vs SL2, you should also note that Canon Rebel T6 has a shorter battery life, though that is a respectable 500-shot.

Canon Rebel SL2: Features
Now, let’s take a look at Canon Rebel SL2. It is very interesting that this model comes with a lot of big improvements. To begin with, this model is armed with a 24.2MP APS-C sensor. It also packs the company’s DIGIC7 processor, which is the same one used by the higher models, despite being an entry-level.

The powerful processor will give a serious jump in AF performance, and it also allows Canon Rebel SL2 to have a decent sensitivity range of ISO 100 – 25,600. There is also a Hi setting which is actually an expanded ISO 51,200, but this is only accessible via the custom menu.

The camera is armed with a rotating 3.0-inch display touchscreen. The resolution has also been increased to 1,040k-dots. Unfortunately, the optical viewfinder still only has 95% coverage. Anyhow, the overall usability of the camera is much better.

This model also gets a new graphical user interface. It is quite more intuitive and user-friendly, and it has made the shooting modes a lot more accessible. If you are already familiar and feel more comfortable with Canon’s older interface, you can switch to that through the menu.

As mentioned above, Canon Rebel SL2 doesn’t have 4K video recording, but it can already capture Full HD videos at 60fps. This is really good. The high frame rate will ensure smooth and blur-free movements, even when recording fast-moving subjects.

Canon Rebel SL2: Design and Handling
Canon Rebel SL2 is among the smallest DSLR cameras ever. It is also fairly lightweight. As a result, you will be able to carry it around quite easily. However, the small size may make it difficult to grip for people with large hands.

The build quality is very good, although most of the construction is still plastic. The housing feels solid and robust. It just doesn’t feel really nice to touch. There are three color options available: black, white, and silver/tan.

Despite the small size, the grip is pretty deep. It should provide sufficient support for most people. Interestingly, the company has chosen a leatherette texture for the grip surface, instead of the more modern dimpled texture. On the good side, this has added some classy aesthetics to the overall appearance.

Canon Rebel SL2: Performance
Canon Rebel SL2 still only has 9 AF points, with one of them being cross-type. This is pretty understandable because the camera is aimed at beginners. However, it has been given the new Dual Pixel CMOS AF System, which offers increased speed and overall performance. Compared to Canon Rebel T6, Canon Rebel SL2 feels quite faster and more consistent when tracking moving subjects.

In addition, the touchscreen will allow you to simply tap to focus. You won’t need to mash the buttons when you want to focus on a particular point. Just tap it on the touchscreen, and the AF system will lock onto that.

Canon Rebel SL2 also offers increased photo burst speeds, thanks to the more advanced processor, even though this is still not a very good choice for sports photography. It can photo burst at 5fps, which is quite useful for occasional needs.

The image quality is excellent. Thanks to the 24.2MP resolution, you can easily produce large-sized images. Images shot at sensitivities up to ISO 1,600 are rendered with impressive details. You can even print an A3-sized image at 300dpi from such a photo, and get a very good result.

Canon Rebel SL2 also has good dynamic range and color depth. While still not comparable to the higher end models, the RAW files can recover plenty of details in highlights and shadows. Canon Rebel SL2 has a slightly longer battery life, which is rated at 650 shots.

Canon Rebel T6 vs SL2

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There is no question – Canon Rebel SL2 should be your choice. It is much better in pretty much every aspect. It has a more advanced processor, a powerful AF system, and a better feature set. The image quality is very good. You can get large-sized images with impressive details easily.

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