Canon EOS M3 vs Sony a5100

Canon EOS CANON EOS M3 and Sony Alpha A5100 are two digital cameras. Both the CANON EOS M3 and A5100 are camera-lens that can be replaced without a mirror equipped with APS-C sensors. Both cameras offer 24 megapixel resolutions. If you are struggling to find out the best one. Read on to learn how these two cameras compare with their features as well as the perfromance.

– The introduction of Canon EOS M3 and Sony A5100
– The features and the performances

Sony a5100 is clearly brighter (23 percent) than Canon EOS M3. In this context, it should be noted that neither Canon EOS M3 nor A5100 have airtight. Regarding of the battery life, the Canon EOS M3 gets 250 shots from its LP-E17 battery, while the Sony a5100 can take 400 images with one charging its NP-FW50 power pack.

Features and Performance
Between Canon EOS M3 and Sony a5100 are similar. So, it framed using a direct view on the rear LCD .The size of the sensor in a digital camera is one of the main determinants of image quality. Both cameras consider the APS-C sensor feature, but their sensors have slightly different sizes. In cameras that have larger sensors it will provide lower light sensitivity, as well as a wider dynamic range, and a richer color depth when compared to smaller pixel units in sensors of the same technology generation.The Sony a5100 owned sensor area is 11 percent larger.

The sensor size is generally a good indicator of camera quality. Sensors may vary in size. As a general rule, the larger of the sensor do they owned, so the better image quality will they get. In this case, Sony a5100 has a larger sensor rather than Canon EOS M3. It means that Sony a5100 has better quality image. Even, both of the cameras offer the same 24 megapixel resolution. (See Also : Canon EOS M3 vs M10)

Canon EOS M3 is the only one which has an external flash shoe. Also, Canon EOS M3 has an electronic viewfinder and microphone port. They are two things that Sony a5100 lacks.

Sony a5100 has a very high DXO score than Canon EOS M3 which will translate into better image quality. Profits are based on 1 bit higher color depth, 0.9 EV in additional dynamic range, and 0.2 stops in additional low light sensitivity. Both cameras under consideration have sensors with fast reading times for moving images, but Sony a5100 delivers faster frame rates than Canon EOS M3. It can record movie footage in 1080 / 60p, while Canon is limited to 1080 / 30p.

For shooting the actions and sports, usually you need a high continues shooting speed. Sony a5100 offers a pretty good photo burst of 6fps while Canon EOS M3 only 4.2 fps.

Canon EOS M3 vs Sony a5100

- 24.2 Megapixel CMOS (APS-C) sensor, ISO 100–12800
- Hybrid CMOS AF III helps provide fast
- Front Dial and Exposure Compensation Dial help provide full manual control
- Ultra-fast auto focus with 179 AF points and 6Fps
- Capture life in high resolution with 24MP APS-C sensor.Lens compatibility
- Instant sharing via smartphone with Wi-Fi and NFC1

Although the Sony A5100 has a number of advantages over the Canon EOS M3, the lack of a viewfinder can be a big problem for some people. If you believe you can do well without the viewfinder, you must choose a5100.

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