Lizard Tattoos Meaning

Lizard Tattoos Meaning

You’ll be amazed to understand that lizards have actually had an essential location in human history for countless years. The ancient Moche individuals of northern Peru and numerous Aboriginal tribes held lizards in reverence and typically included their image in numerous pieces of iconic art work. The Greeks and Egyptians associated good fortune and knowledge with these little reptiles and the Egyptian hieroglyphic for ‘Abundance’ and ‘Wealth’ is a sign that bears a striking similarity to a lizard.

In specific parts of West Africa, the image of lizards are carved into the walls of houses to fend off evil spirits and bring peace and joy to the home. The 6th century pope, St. Gregory the Great, was amazed by the numerous hours that lizards invested indulging in the warmth of the sun. He likened the act to a “simple soul looking for knowledge”. The lizard tattoo is not considered to be a popular tattoo style, some people do seek them out. Simply like all animal tattoos, the lizard tattoo represents characteristics and traits of the lizard.

Lizards have even influenced human language and emotions to a much larger level than previously believed. The term lizard brain is a reference to the primitive instincts of human beings and explains a school of idea among leading scientists. To have a lizard brain means that our greater cognitive functions that connect to art, poetry, as well as creating fantastic tattoos give way to our most primal instincts of reproduction, food, and survival. A lizard brain acknowledges the part of us that is worried about risk, our gut feelings, and deep rooted aggression. No wonder Dexter Morgan from the popular Showtime series, Dexter, has a difficult time overcoming his need to accept the lizard brain of his ‘Dark Passenger’.

How or why this school of idea happened may refer observing the awe inspiring power of the most fearsome lizards, the Komodo Dragon. The Komodo Dragon is a powerful carnivore that has been rumored to occasionally dine on people. Locals of the Indonesian islands on which they are found have actually developed a healthy respect for these lethal and powerful animals. Komodos were very first referred to as ‘Land Crocodiles’ by early European visitors to the region and after many years of being hunted due to fear, sport, or as popular destinations in zoos, Komodos are now classified as a vulnerable types that may soon vanish from the pages of history.

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Whether you identify with the primitive animal lurking deep inside or the agile and shrewd simple soul on the path to enlightenment, Lizard Tattoos are a great method to show the depth and complexity of your multi-dimensional character.

Tattoos of lizards are an excellent way to express any variety of personality traits and deep meanings. The Lizard embodies:
– Flexibility
– Adaptability
– Perception
– Cunning
– Speed and agility
– Death and Resurrection
– Abundance

Lizard Tattoo Dictionary
– Chameleon: with its natural capability to mix in with the surrounding environment, the chameleon tattoo style has pertained to represent one’s ability to adjust the brand-new life circumstances.
– Gecko: found on all continents except Antarctica, the gecko represents cunningness, renewal, and dexterity.
– Iguana: belonging to Mexico and Central America, the iguana tattoo design represents understanding, imagination, and perseverance.
– Komodo Dragon: powerful and deadly
– Salamander: known to emerge in rainy weather condition, the salamander tattoo design signifies the element of fire, and it represents an enthusiastic nature.
– Tribal Lizard: a cultural sign for indigenous people, the tribal lizard tattoo design reveals a connection to one’s forefathers. The Native polynesians and haida individuals associated tribal lizard tattoos with spirituality.

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