How to Decorate Small Drawing Room with Cheap Price

How to Decorate Small Drawing Room with Cheap Price

The term “drawing room” is derived from the 16th century’s terms “withdrawing room” and “withdrawing chamber”. A drawing room can be described as a room where guests or visitors may be entertained. However, during the 16th to 18th century, a large English house may have a withdrawing room to which a family member or a distinguished guest could retreat for more privacy. So, the decoration of a drawing room is very important. You certainly want it to be pleasant and enjoyable. No worries! The following article will guide you on how to decorate small drawing room with cheap price.

The Furniture
The basic furniture articles for a drawing room are chairs or sofas and tables. Consider the size and shape of your drawing room. If it is small, you need small furniture to save space. To save some money, you should consider using folding sofas that can also serve as beds so that you will be able to transform these sofas into emergency beds when needed. You can also consider getting folding furniture to save space, only pulling them out when required.

Try to shop your home. Instead of spending real chunks of money on the store, you should try to stroll through your home and “borrow” items from other rooms. Take a look at the things you keep in the closet or storage; some of them may be pretty useful for your drawing room. This simple act can help you press down the expenses.

The Color
Choosing the right color is one of the most important parts of decorating your drawing room. You should consider using a light color as the dominant color. A light color will make the room feel larger and more spacious. On the contrary, strong and dark colors will make the room feel small. White and cream are obvious choices for the walls, but you can mix them up with some warm colors such as yellow or light brown so that the room will not look too plain and boring. However, if your drawing room is facing the sun, you should consider using cooler colors such as sea green or ocean blue to tame down the brightness.

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The Furnishing
When furnishing your drawing room, you don’t really need to spend extra money. You can choose some meaningful items from your collection, such as family photos and travel souvenirs, to add warm fuzzies. And don’t forget to add some greenery! Putting a plant or two inside the drawing room is one of the easiest ways to live up space. You can take a plant from your garden or ask a friend or neighbor to divide up their plants. Make sure that you tend to your organic friend regularly, though, else it will dry up and die.

Bring out the books. Seriously. That’s how to decorate small drawing room with cheap price. You certainly have a few books in your collection. You can make your drawing room look more elegant with a few books. A stack of books is an effective yet cheap way to fill up space or add some colors to your drawing room.

DIY Projects
Finally, instead of spending money on decorative accessories, let’s just make them! DIY projects are effective inexpensive ways to decorate your drawing room. If you love drawing or painting, just draw or paint something and frame it. Put it on the wall, right above the fireplace. If you like sewing, a simple pillow can be a nice way to add something new to the room. And hopefully, you enjoy the DIY projects as well!

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