Dragonfly Tattoo Symbolism

Dragonfly Tattoo Symbolism

Many individuals get tattoos since of meaning and significance behind tattoos. We will explore the significance of each of these components to better comprehend the meaning behind the dragonfly and dragonfly tattoo styles. Dragonfly tattoos are typically chosen based on the meaning that it shows butterflies, transformation. Butterfly and dragonfly tattoo designs hold this significance due to the fact that they represent the transition from life in a cocoon to the life of a bug of flight. This shift likewise represents carrying on from the past and into the present and future.

The dragonfly is a creature of both the air and the water. The air in dragonfly tattoo styles represents flexibility. Sometimes you will see dragonfly tattoos or dragonfly tattoo designs with additional eyes included onto the wings. This can symbolize the ever enjoying eye and protection or self-protection. Depending on the number of eyes placed on the dragonfly tattoo’s wings, it can likewise represent time and the past, future and present.

Dragonfly tattoo styles have many elements to them that really provide depth and meaning. Each part of the dragonfly, whether it is the coloring, wings, life cycle, the air and water aspect or its method of flight provides something to the general meaning of the dragonfly tattoo. The dragonfly tattoo is certainly one worth thinking about if you are looking for a tattoo that has deep meaning totally embedded within it.

Dragonfly Tattoo Meanings
– Rebirth
– Clean slate
– Fertility
– Quickness
– Agility
– Joy
– Joy
– Strength
– Courage
– Wisdom
– Good luck
– Success
– Liberty
– Harmony
– Pureness
– Good Luck
– Change
– Free Spirit

Symbolic Significance of Dragonfly Tattoo Designs
Like all other tattoo designs, the symbolic significance of dragonfly tattoo also requires correct understanding prior to having it engraved, as a tattoo is something which demands time, persistence and loan and is going to be with the bearer for a life time. Discussing its meaning, one has to take a close look to its life process, which begins in stagnant water as a female lays eggs there in large numbers. After this, the eggs hatch and the bugs begins its life process in water, which relates it with fertility. The pest is likewise linked closely to the butterfly, another flying animal concerned for its charm and bright colors. Various cultures worldwide see the dragonfly in different light symbolically.

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Japanese Culture
In Japanese culture, this small and bright looking pest is related with strength and happiness, which presents it as a favorable force.

Chinese Culture
Chinese consider it a pest of prosperity and consistency while other Asian cultures take it as a symbol of metamorphosis and improvement, as the insect go through various stages of changes during its life process.

Native American Culture
Dragonflies inhabit an important location in Native American art and culture too, as it is viewed as a sign of swiftness and joy in a few of the tribes of the culture. They are viewed as a protective talisman in some tribes and it is believed that they manage all the members of a tribe. They even symbolize dealing with hardships and conquering losses with strength and nerve.

European Culture
Alternatively, the track record of the insect is not such a favorable one in European culture, as it is associated with evil and the devil in a variety of European nations.

Modern Culture
In contemporary world, dragonfly tattoos are revered as a sign of speed and dexterity, which is a particular attribute of this little, little bug. They also represent liberty and all the best. The bugs start their life cycle as an egg, becoming a nymph and lastly making it as a vibrant and lovely grownup, which connects it with charm and beauty.

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