Aztec Tattoos History

Aztec Tattoos History

The majority of Mesoamerican cultures loved adornment. Among the ways they decorated their bodies was through tattooing. While scholars keep in mind that Otomi, Huaxtec and Mayans used long-term tattoos, they are uncertain that Aztecs did, although there are recommendations to Aztecs getting tattoos during spiritual ceremonies. If all the cultures around the Aztecs tattooed, it is extremely likely the Aztecs did. We understand that Aztec warriors utilized body paint before going to war and Aztec priests used body paint before a spiritual ceremony.

Some people use particular Aztec signs such as the sun or a representation of an Aztec god like Quetzalcoatl, the feathered snake god. This post explores a few of the most popular Aztec style tattoo designs. There were lots of ancient cultures that showed art through tattoos. The Aztec group was one of the most advanced when it come to body art, they were known for their innovative art skills and produced some dazzling Aztec tattoo styles as an outcome.

These tattoos were drawn onto the bodies of kids (put their tattoos in specific locations on their bodies, each place has a meaning and was thought about to be crucial) in order to show the kids’s devotion to this god. Every Aztec tattoo was done in a specific symbolic pattern, depending on the god being honored.

Well all these descriptions can match tattoo designs based on Aztec signs and their culture. The fact is that Aztec is an ancient civilization that has numerous symbol such as their warriors, the sun and their calendar that have actually found their method into the world of tattoo designs. Aztecs used these signs as part of their spiritual events and routines.

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The History of Aztec Tattoos
The Aztecs were a very happy race. Warriors who were captured in fight would often send to their captors and voluntarily allow themselves to end up being blood sacrifices. These sacrificial occasions drew big crowds of people who would see as the caught warriors were led to the top of the Aztec pyramid temples by priests. At the peak of the pyramid a short event would take place, where the warrior was bent in reverse over a stone. Priests would stretch his body taut as another priests sliced open the warrior’s tummy and reached inside him, eliminating the still-beating heart and holding it up for the crowd to see. This technique of sacrifice could be carried out incredibly quickly, suggesting that with several priests interacting, a couple of thousand sacrifices could be made in a single day.

Significances and importance of other Aztec tattoo styles:
He is the invisible god of warrior. The other god who is often included in tattoos is Quetzalcotl who is a snake god related to imagination, weather condition and fertility. The art of the Aztec is unique and can have a great visual effect. That accounts for the popularity of Aztec styles in tattoos.

For individuals who have Aztec blood or understand individuals having Aztec roots, these tattoos will mean a lot more. Some might select to honor this great culture by getting an Aztec based design for their tattoo. Some may do so due to the fact that the symbols and art of Aztec culture are full of customs and meanings.

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